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Henna To Go?

Henna To Go is hand-drawn natural Henna (no dyes, chemicals or paints) that you simply apply with a special adhesive transfer strip.   It's that easy! 


   AFTER NOVEMBER 15, 2021 

Thank you!

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Henna To Go Choices

All Strips are 8 inches long

10 MAIN PAGE.jpg

1-inch wide

8 Design Choices

$8 - 10 each

15 MAIN PAGE.jpg

1.5-inch wide

9 Design Choices

$10-15 each


Fresh Henna Paste

Trace over your design to keep it fresh or get creative!

$10 per 1/2 oz. cone
$15 per 1/2 oz. reusable bottle

$50 for 4 ounce baggie (1/2 cup)

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        Watch Demo!

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Henna To Go Results!

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